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Natán Verdés

Natán Verdés

Freelance Senior Fullstack Developer
Angular, Ionic2, Spring Framework, MySQL, MongoDB

Projects and clients


I like so much the programming. The development, for me, is not simply to write ordered lines of code: is the creation of one tool that helps to realize systematic tasks in a simpler way. Throughout the programming, and the skills that I have by my experience, I feel so much creative. I find my job, one place where I can build and feel satisfied by the created.

My skills, in broad strokes:

  • Back-end development in Java Spring Framework, PHP and Object Oriented
  • Design and use of MySQL and MongoDB databases
  • Front-end development in Angular, AngularJS, Backbone, Handlebars and Ractive
  • Web development in HTML5, CSS3, ES6 and Bootstrap
  • Mobile app development in Ionic2 and Ionic


  • Communicative person with a very positive attitude for resolving incidents. The sincerity and the acceptance of responsibility always ahead
  • The productivity and the creativity are important aspects for me in the work. Through the nature of my work (the programming), I find that I can use that aptitudes with enthusiasm
  • I love to learn and to provide great value to my personal and work projects. Having a learning attitude brings me acquire new knowledge day to day, the thing that it fascinates me


  • Spanish: native level
  • Catalan: native level
  • English: intermediate level



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